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Perspective is Key

A comparison of two online retail sites, one that has little attention to design, and the other has less content, but a more digestible and user-friendly design.

Design is an important part in how companies promote themselves. In today’s society, companies have to keep up with the ever-growing advances of technology. It has been proven that if a company puts emphasis on their design, they perform better than the ones who don’t. People shop with their eyes. If they see something that is not appealing to them, consumers will skip right over it. When an outsider views a website and likes the way it looks but doesn’t know why, that’s when you know you have an effective website. The design choices a company makes are crucial to their performance. Good design is memorable and sets you apart from the rest. Not only are these points good to know for a company, they are good for a designer because it is important to be aware of how your design is seen by others. When designing a project, you look at it for a very long time and get used to how it looks. It can be hard to look at it with fresh eyes, however it is crucial that you are aware of how it will be received by your audience. Read more points on how design affects your business here!

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