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Commitment is Crucial

How many times have you given up on a project because everything you tried is not panning out? You end up getting frustrated because your results are lacking, or you have no inspiration to begin with. Eventually the irritation leads to self-doubt which turns into you not committing to work anymore.

Michel d'Oultremont portrait retrieved from

You could learn something from the photographer, Michel d’Oultremont, who waited an entire week to get perfect shots of bison in the wilderness. Normally, you hear of artists taking breaks in their work to reevaluate their progress while d’Oultremont went the extra mile to capture his results. He knew that if he wanted to produce the best photos he had to be patient. While he had many chances to give up he was prepared to wait and believed the compositions would work themselves out in time. He was committed to his project and was not going to give in until he had the satisfaction of seeing bison in his lens. The photos from his excursion are carefully shot and proof that commitment is crucial for success. If you want to succeed you have to disregard doubt and be more like d’Oultremont.

Michel d'Oultremont portrait retrieved  from

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