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Lost Whiskey, Found Design

Lost Whiskey Club from is my current favorite whiskey, not only for the smooth mouthfeel and surprising sweetness, but for the packaging. The Lost Whiskey Club bottle is tall and skinny, unlike most whiskey bottles, automatically setting it apart by shape alone. The label on the front of the bottle is a cream shade with a tactile quality that is smooth yet lightly textured. The deer skull logo has the antlers printed in a metallic gold ink, offering a subtle shimmer. The logo is followed with a nice swath of white space, which ends in the Lost Whiskey Club word mark and bottle information. The barrel number and story number (all-time bottle number) are handwritten, which is the right amount of homemade touch for the bottle. The bottle is closed with cork and a piece of stamped leather. The little details of package design make a big difference. The Lost Whiskey Club is an example of a young company that knows how to design for their audience. Enjoy a well-packaged whiskey? Check out these other stylish whiskey bottles to add to your bar.