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Effective Book Design

What makes a successful book cover? While many people deny reading a book because they like the front of it, the design and title of the cover is what is supposed to draw you in first.

One book design continues to stand out to the public constantly even though the novel was released in 2017. Renegades, by Marissa Meyer, has a tasteful design that hails to the futuristic genre effectively, and has a great color palette. The title is angled, intersecting across the cover’s contents. Red highlights all the subjects in the composition including, characters and cityscape, creating a clean contrast to the blue. The cover’s presentation is so strong that the book demands to be taken off the shelf and read immediately. The design of the second installment, Arch Enemies, is a continuation of the first book’s cover with the blue and red palette as well as the bold title. Arch Enemies keeps the composition enticing, reminding the reader how good the first book was.

While you prefer to read up on the book’s plot before buying, the cover is what pops out to you first which is why book design is crucial for an author’s promotion.

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