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OooOoo Shiny!

I am a sucker for good packaging. If I see a product on the shelf, despite the brand name or effectiveness of the product I will go for the product I find to be the most “pretty”. Pretty packages catch the viewer’s attention, which is the reason companies spend millions on their product designs. Cocoa cola is a leader in marketing it’s products, it seems to have a design change for every season. Although my favorite is still the classic glass bottle.

I have read and watched programs about how certain color combinations are more pleasing to the eye and how each color effects the person’s view of something. For example red and white is one of the most pleasing color combinations, which is part of the reason I think Campbell’s has done so well as a company.

A great resource in finding inspiration for such lovely designs can be found on a blog dedicated to great packaging design. One of my favorites is that of help remedies for when one gets sick or hurt. They are in simple square containers that states the problem right on the box, and inside is the solution to said problem. For example the green package has “help: I have a headache”, and inside it contains 16 acetaminophen caplets. The box also has a humorous statement on that back which also contains drug facts.

It says: “These pills contain 500mg acetaminophen. They don’t contain Red Dye #40. Of you enjoy Red Dye #40, you will have to eat it separately.”

What's Wrong Pills

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