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A Poem for the Soul

The somber and powerful finality of “Of Matter – Resist” by Tesseract.

Music is a powerful force. Melodies can haunt the soul and words can ignite inspiration. Music videos (when done well) can add a new layer of meaning to already nuanced and thought provoking music, but can divert the focus away from the lyrics being heard and emphasize melody and visual identity instead. Lyrics can be the heart which unites the emotional veins of a piece of music, effectively pumping new life into it and giving the music a purpose, a message. Well designed lyric videos focus explicitly on words and help listeners appreciate the poetry of a song without hindering its visual identity.

The ethereal calm of “Evolution” by Skyharbor.

Animated lyric videos bring the words to life, matching the emotional tone of the respective song and allowing the listener/viewer to enjoy the lyrical complexity without being distracted by a narrative. They are also a way ensuring the listener receives the correct lyrics, as many genres of music have vocal styles that are often difficult to fathom at first.

The hard-hitting intensity of “Make Total Destroy” by Periphery.

When we speak we speak our minds, but when we sing we speak our souls. Words hold the power to inspire, to connect, to give meaning. Let’s not let them be forgotten amidst flashy music videos.

Listen and read along to “Evolution” by Skyharbor.