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Bring Back the Fun!

Minimalism; straight, perfect lines and geometry; flat, bold colors with no sketchiness to be found. These are the attributes we assign to high-end design. Design that evokes prestige, class, and a coolness like marble. Design that transports you into The Devil Wears Prada universe where you’ll either soar or get stamped under a thin, stiletto heel. Competition is fierce. Stakes are high and only the biggest diva will remain on top. 

Boy is that stressful. Perhaps a bit too cutthroat and pompous for your taste? Where’s the fun in this world? Where’s the silliness and homeyness in big corporation standards? Wouldn’t you prefer a welcoming smile; the smell of home-cooked pies? Why not bring this homeyness back into our designs? 

Organic, carefree designs can help set you apart from the crowd, and make your product or business more inviting, and sincere. As designers its important to remember that you’re designing for your client and for the public; not for other designers to critique. This of course means that no design exists within a vacuum. If a smooth, sharp design is the perfect fit for the company you’re working for, then that’s perfect, but if your client’s company wants to stand out amongst the corporate crowd, then maybe a more carefree design is what’s best. 

Check out this article for examples of designs that combine pristine qualities with a homey silliness for inspiration when creating your own designs!