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Brainstorming plays an important role in design.  There are several ways to brainstorm. You can sketch, research, use think tanks, etc.  In an article I recently read called A Foolproof Technique for Fooling Around, the author, Ralph Caplan, shares a different kind of brainstorming through the use of post-its.  Ideas are sketched out onto several post-it notes.  The post-its are placed on a wall and weeded through by the designer(s).  If a post-it falls off the wall, as some do when their sticky back wears off, then it is no longer an option to be considered.  The author described it as the idea “deserting” him. If the idea falls off the wall, then the idea has deserted you. Of course you, as the designer, do not have to leave projects up to chance; but the author said that this is a fun and interesting method that works most of the time.


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