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9/11 Memorial

I recently went to visit the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero for the first time since 2006. A lot has changed since then, including the building of the memorial park. I was surprised to learn that the memorial was birthed in a worldwide design competition. The competition had over five thousand entries from over sixty-three countries; Michael Arad and Peter Walker’s design, “Reflecting Absence” was ultimately chosen. The memorial is made up of two recessed pools in the original footprints of the Twin Towers. The pools are deep, dark voids that reflect the loss and void 9/11 caused. The pools are surrounded by a thick metal boarder with all the names of those lost cut through it. The memorial is unusual in the fact that it is not a big, tall structure, but rather a true void. The designers’ intention was to let the emptiness and void speak for itself, which it does. The  memorial is a successful dedication to the nation-altering event of 9/11 and worth a visit.

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