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Sketching Tips and Tricks!

Everyone has to get their ideas out of their head, and onto paper. Sketching is a core part of designing. It is the exploration of ideas and the construction of new forms. It is also a form of communication, which is often overlooked. Most oftentimes sketching is used very personally, to scribbly translate our ideas onto paper.

Most people sketch in a kind of visual shorthand, where only the original artist can decipher the intention of the sketch, or future design. This is of course fine, but can be time-consuming when working in a team where the sketch may need to be explained. One way to combat this is to learn to sketch like an architect. Sketch in order for your sketches to be easily understood. 

An easy way to start is to do preliminary sketches. These are the sketches that are loose and messy, where you explore every idea you come up with and try to expend your creativity. Then, once you have your main ideas, sketch them again in higher detail, with notes explaining the forms and functions of each part of your design. If your design is animated, this is where you might draw out the keyframes or motions the animated design would possess. The main idea to create sketches for other people to see and understand without further explanation. 

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