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Lefties Left Out

Have you ever noticed that everything is made for right-handed people? Don’t believe me? Notebooks, the spiral bound is on the right side which gets in the way when left-handed people try to write on it. Binders, the rings for a binder are on the right side so when a lefty tries to write on the first page they have to turn the whole binder sideways so that they can write somewhat normally. There are left-handed scissors out there but in school, there are maybe 15 right-handed scissors with one left-handed one. We live in a right-handed world that lefties just should fit in. Everything is designed for right-handed people just because it is the majority. I know that right-handed people would have never noticed anything was up because why would they? The world caters to them, but all my fellow lefties out there know the struggle of smearing ink on your hand when writing and when trying to sign something at a credit card machine, having a little battle with the pen because it’s on the opposite side you need it to be on. Everything should have a left-handed option because there are lefties out there, we are not THAT rare and we DO matter. So if you’re a righty and you are reading this, take a second to thank the world for designing things for righties and be glad you don’t have to worry about smearing led all over the side of your hand or awkward write in a notebook to avoid the spiral from indenting your hand.

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