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Eat Mor Chikin

One of my favorite corporate logos is the Chick-fil-a logo. It has only changed minutely in the 72 years the food chain has been open. First of all, the font is perfect. It’s playful yet elegant; using cursive yet its rounded like a fat writing utensil a child would use. The capital “A” at the end of the logo is an interesting choice as well, but the authority of it balances out the “C” at the beginning of the logo. Now, my favorite part is the “C”. Not only is a beautiful curly letter on its own, but it was turned into a chicken to advertise their products. This chicken is created out of simple shapes and adds to that fun aspect of the logo. Not only is their logo beautiful, Chick-fil-a has the best menu in the fast food industry. To make them more interesting I found a list of interesting facts about the company.