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Komprehension of Mortal Kombat’s Logo

MK11 Hybrid Logomark

In case you don’t follow the gaming news or just don’t care about these kinds of games, Mortal Kombat 11 is releasing April 23, 2019. The graphics and character models have definitely changed, yet one thing that stayed is Mortal Kombat’s logo. We all know this logo, the dragon in-profile in a circular border. The logo type chosen is a serif typeface that just fits with the bloody combat game. The game has gone through multiple iterations that was kept in sync with the evolving gaming technology. However, the MK logo has been well-established since the beginning that both the logomark and logotype is synonymous with the game. Game covers for Mortal Kombat have interchanged between the mark or typeface because no matter what is placed on the cover, the game is not hurt by any sudden changes. It has gotten to the point that their marketing team is able to incorporate other elements in their logotype for their current iteration without damaging the core essence. For example, the current iteration is ‘Mortal Kombat 11″ where the design team starts to incorporate the number ’11’ with the logotype. The logo has been minimally changed to a cleaner look but I believe that Mortal Kombat has the best branding system in gaming, and whoever disagrees can face me in Mortal Kombat! …or just explain in the comments below.

Original MK Game Cover Art


  1. jsams2 wrote:

    Nice post I see what you are taking about with the logo they have keep the general feel of the letters with the sharp angles and bright colors. I am looking forward to the game though this should be the best installment yet.

    Friday, April 19, 2019 at 10:15 pm | Permalink
  2. btobin3 wrote:

    Agree that this is a clever cover redesign, but it is certainly not unique. Resident Evil 7 did something very similar, highlighting the V,I, and part of the L in Evil to form the Roman numeral VII. Even though we agree, I would be happy to face off in Kombat.

    Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 3:31 pm | Permalink
  3. ccollett wrote:

    Its really cool to see a brand that was able to keep its more complex design (the dragon) while the current trend has been to minimize designs down and lose the details.

    Sunday, April 21, 2019 at 4:49 pm | Permalink
  4. jmenende wrote:

    I like how clever they were incorporating the number 11 into the logo mark. I can’t wait for this game to come out.

    Sunday, April 21, 2019 at 6:26 pm | Permalink