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Velvet Strike and Video-Game Art


I am a big fan of the video game and of course I am also the person who believes a video game as an art. Nowadays, video games use high technology to create unique visual performance to give extra enjoyment to the viewer. However while I was enjoying the video game and give my full attention to those awesome graphic and structure, I was not thinking about how the video game gets cruel and meaningless to players. In addition, I am not feeling comfortable to those of computer modifiers who use the modification to create Osama Bin Laden skins especially after the incident, 9/11 and make players to shoot at it which is very cold-blooded act and it totally take artistry away. After 9/11 a video game like Counter Strikes gets too real, it makes players mindless and makes them to act an involuntary action. I strongly agree with the statement above because after playing a video game especially violence genre, those games makes me a futile attempt and I feel like destroying myself. Why cannot a video game designer make a fantastic environment where there is more room for imaginative habitats and characters? I feel like a video game designer tends to create a video game based on what they can get most out from the game industry which is money. Moreover, I like the idea such as anime people, monsters, demon, of all genders to identify more with those characters than terrorists.

            Why do they have to make a video game like that to buy a controversy and get them into the trouble? Why do they have to remind us that cruel, unforgettable image of 9/11?  Why do they have to mess with victims from 9/11?  Sometimes, people do not think what they are making and seem to not mind what they are going to face with. I understand that designing a video game is to give an entertainment to viewers and players but sometimes gaming designers may design the video game out of their concept. They are in the video game industry to make money which give viewer like me very disappointment. Why cannot they design the video game which contains an entertainment and artistry while it delivers great impression to viewers and players? That way they also deserve a compliment and on the other hand, they could get what they have done for physically. A video game like Okami gave me a great impression although I have never played before so I ended up doing a research about that game. Okami is more than a video game because it used a drawing technique which contained so many artistic temperaments from creators and also has a great story line. Okami tells the story of how the land was saved from darkness by main character who has taken the form of a white wolf. The video game like Okami gives a great imagination and creative mind to young artists and I myself have learned how to draw this and that at certain angle and using various a perspective. Nowadays, many people think of video games as art and it is also a big portion of art industry. In addition, it can be a serious cause and effect to those young people and their way of thinking. The video game gets too cruel, mindless and too real nowadays and it seems getting worse and worse. How about video game designers to make video game more effectively to young artists, so they can learn based on what they see through video game that they play? The video game is very cruel and gives vagarious ideas to viewers, what can we do to prevent that? Should not there be some kind of limitation for young buyers to buy rated mature games? Like emphasize seller to double check ids?


  1. John Cipriani wrote:

    There’s always going to be video games that are violent or realistic, and so there is always going to be controversy about them. Take Mortal Kombat for instance, the game was seen as too bloody and violent, and worried parents thought that their kids were going to go into school and tear each other’s heart out with a metal spear that came out of their wrists. However, this never happened, I think parents underestimate the intelligence of their kids, they are able to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Plus I think video games are a good source to take out frustration. Sometimes you just want to shoot someone, might as well do it virtually.

    Don’t get me wrong I am a fan of beautifully stylized games like Okami or Katamari Damacy, but sometimes you just want to kill something and squashing a walking mushroom with eyes doesn’t cut it sometimes. Sorry Mario your princess is in another castle. If people don’t like the video game they simply don’t have to play it, that’s why there are so many options out there. Anyone wanna play wii sports with me?

    Also they do have ID checks for Mature games.

    Wednesday, November 18, 2009 at 10:03 am | Permalink
  2. Kristin Billings wrote:

    I’m a FPS player, and as such I have to disagree. Counter-Srike and Counter-Strike Source can both be amazing games. CS, the precursor to CSS, has been around since 1999, and before that there have been “kill everything” games such as Doom, or Castle Wolfenstein 3D, which was released in 1992 and has the main character killing Nazis.
    I think one of the main differences in CS/CSS and other games (such as Battlefield 1942/2 or Day of Defeat/DOD-S) is that you not only play the “good” guys, you play the “bad” guys as well. Yeah, it’s cliche, but it isn’t just bad and good, it’s whatever team you’re on. So in that way it’s more realistic than just killing everything off.
    I’m all for non-violent games. However multiple-player FPS’s also teach people to work together with their team in order to complete a goal.
    Also, there are some creative games coming out of the violent ones. Gary’s Mod, a Half-Life 2 Mod is all about using the in-game physics to invent some really interesting creations. It isn’t just about teaching art. Plus many of the single player FPS’s have puzzle solving involved too. HL2 is a good example.
    Just because people play violent games doesn’t mean they will become violent as well. They are good ways to release frustration and tension. There will always be ‘bad guys’ in games. Whether you’re jumping on a a bad guy to destroy it or blowing it up with an HE Grenade, you’re still killing something.
    Anyway… That’s my rant, sorry xD

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