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Redbubble: A Sanctuary For Artists

Artists that are just starting out have a hard time getting noticed for their hard work. They produce new and innovative content that is hardly seen by the public. While the struggle continues, some have discovered a place to practice and sell their artwork.

Redbubble homepage screenshot

Redbubble is a sanctuary for artists and designers. The moment a customer discovers their work they start to gain a following. After the artwork is uploaded onto the profile, it can be put on anything including clothes, stickers, cards, or posters. Once customers click on the profile, see the portfolio, and purchase products, those artists get recognition. Since gaining a presence on social media can be hard, artists find that Redbubble is a more focused artistic setting where they can make money and receive feedback on their work. For instance, Andrea Lauren is a Redbubble artist who has gained success in her many patterned designs and has a following of almost 2000 people.

Emerging artists want recognition for their projects and they need somewhere to present their content. Redbubble is a perfect place to do so because it never hurts to make money and gain a following at the same time.