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Enhance Your Garden This Spring!

With spring here, everyone is starting to clean up their flowerbeds and buy fresh flowers. Figuring out what color flowers to get, the type of flowers, and the size of the plant are all relate to design. Design is everywhere whether people realize it or not. Being aware of the proportions of the plants and the space that they will be living in is crucial to making sure your decisions and ideas will be executed accurately. This article talks about eight different design principles for landscaping that will help anyone be more successful in planting their own plants. The article highlights that being aware of the size of plants and using the golden ratio method are key to your success in creating your own garden. There are strategies of planting plants in a certain order from biggest to smallest. Bigger plants take up more space and you don’t want them to hide smaller plants, so you plant the bigger ones first and then plant smaller plants around it. This strategy may seem obvious, but it is still effective in ensuring a great garden. By being aware of these simple design principles, your garden will be enhanced in no time. Landscape design is very similar to interior design because you are designing a space. Both fields consist of determining what will enhance the space in a new and appealing way. Knowing what types of plants will work best in certain situations is also important. I hope everyone who is cleaning out their old plants and getting ready for spring is channeling their inner designer and creating beautiful gardens.