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Swamp Thing

Detective Comics announced that on May 31st it will premiere Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing first appears July 1971 in House of Secrets issue 92 and since then has appeared in many other comics and has earned a comic of his own. Alex Olsen was a talented scientist in the early 1900’s married to Linda. Olsen’s college Damian Ridge secretly loved Linda and planned to steal her away from him. Damian Ridge tampered with Olsen’s experiment which in turn killed him in an explosion. Ridge disposed of his body in the Louisiana marsh and Swamp Thing was born, an earth elemental made of plant material.

This is the second time that Swamp Thing has graced the TV screen, Swamp Thing had three seasons from 1990-1993. During these seasons he battled companies dumping toxic waste, villains that planned to destroy large parts of the forest to build shopping malls and your run of the mill thugs. This remake, however, is set to tackle some of the same environmental issues but will have cameos from other DC shows, much like the show Smallville. This series is starting near the end of the semester so it’s the perfect show to kick back and relax with until August when your back to pulling overnighters on design projects.

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