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Gryffin’s Album Covers

Album cover art has changed significantly over the years. Technology plays a big role in how music album covers are designed, and most are taking on very unique and stylistic approaches, incorporating different elements to make a cohesively fresh visual. Dan Griffith is one of my favorite DJs; he goes by Griffin, and had recently released a set series for his tour. The title of this set is called Gravity Pt. 1, and his different single album covers represents the songs well. I love the designs, all having an extraterrestrial theme. A lot of the cover art are very symmetrical, which is very pleasing to the eye. The newer designs are contrasted with geometric framing against the pitch black background, which places emphasis on the image in the center of the cover. The shapes are placed in the middle, creating symmetry and balance. These elements work well together to produce a clean cut linear yet abstract design.