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The Ethical Graphic Design Company

“The question is whether concern about the consequences of one’s work can become part of the ethos of [graphic designers’] field. We all say no to many things that violate our ethical standards, why should our professional work be an exception?” This quote by Milton Glaser is featured on the home page of The Ethical Graphic Design Company’s website.

Although, I would never name my company “The Ethical…” because I don’t think I would ever be that perfect and live up to the connotations of this name, I love the message behind the name. This company is choosing to only work with and design for companies who have a positive message or are working for a positive change.  Their portfolio shows works for a number of very interesting companies who all are working to benefit human, animals or the environment in some way. They are even working on ways to minimize their carbon footprint in the office. For example, their website is run off of a solar-powered server (something I’d never heard of before, but need to check out.) Check out their site and note their ideas to take the moral high ground in graphic design and promote change and the good in the world.