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A New Outlook

At the beginning of this year, Microsoft created a new set of logo marks for their entire office suite collection. However, one Microsoft program redesign, in particular, proved to be most intriguing. The email software, Outlook.

In the past, the logo for this popular email service had a navy blue and white look. On the right side, it held one tile of the famous Microsoft Windows logo, which was navy blue with a white “O” inside of it to illustrate the name “Outlook.” On the right side, using the same blue and white combination was an envelope graphic breaking out behind the navy window tile.

With the update, the logo has a much fresher feel with the use of a wide range of the blues scattered throughout. The logo mark still holds one tile from the Windows logo, yet now that tile is a complete square with rounded edges, losing all of the depth the previous shape gave us. Behind that tile is a graphic of an envelope, this time in a baby blue color. Within the envelope we see a vertical rectangle peaking above it, with different shades of blue printed throughout it. I believe this redesign Microsoft has done, with its use of a wide range of colors, will convey a much newer feel to their excellent product.