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The Art of Fake Design

What’s the sneakiest, most successful kind of design? The kind you don’t even think about. The kind you simply accept, even when the reality before you fits in a box. That is the beauty of design, that is, its beauty lies in its ability to be invisible; to slip through the cracks of our subconscious and be absorbed by our minds. And what better time to do that then when we’re melting our brains watching TV? 

Now you might be thinking about product placement, but aha that would be too obvious. No. The true beauty lies in designs that don’t take you out of the worlds of the imaginary. I’m talking about fictional brands. Brands that don’t exist, but that are so well designed and placed within the world of the fictional, that we simply accept them when we suspend disbelief.  

Some examples of these fictional brands include Pizza Planet (Pixar’s Toy Story), Stark Industries (Marvel’s Iron Man), and Oceanic Airlines (Lost). All of these designs look like they could exist in the real world, and that is why they blend in so well. They follow the same rules real logos and brand identities follow, and you can be sure a designer was present when these designs were made. 

The 12 most famous fictitious designs can be found here!

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