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Released Too Early?

The long-anticipated galaxy fold is finally releasing this spring. It has been given away early to reviewers to mostly positive praise but there was some negative feedback. The Samsung Galaxy Fold has a couple of design flaws like the front screen being surrounded by massive bezels, and a notch on the inside screen. The biggest complaint is that the phone has a plastic screen with a crease and that the screen fails if the protective layer is removed. Many reviewers have mistaken the protective layer as an included screen protector and peeled it off. It is very clear that the design was rushed, and the tech just is not ready yet. Of course, this is a generation one foldable phone, but does that give it an excuse to have all those design flaws and cost two thousand dollars. Other foldable phones are releasing this year too like the Huawei Mate X. Lets see if the other foldable phones will suffer the same design flaws that Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has suffered.

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