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Netflix’s New Logo Animation

Netflix recently came out with a new logo animation for when you open-up the app. It writes out the “N” and then it zooms in to these long colorful lines as the sound . There’s a lot of controversy to the new logo because it reminds people of 2013 or 2012 but I really enjoy it. I think it’s very modern and is a lot better than the previous one which was just the word Netflix on a grey scene and it pops out. This animation happens when you open the website/app up or when you start one of their original shows or movies. Netflix was very smart to do this to their logo animation because it is the look and feel that they are heading towards and this is just one step closer. Overall, Netflix was very smart with updating their logo animation and it’s very modern and upbeat looking which is what they were going for.

To read more about their logo animation click here

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