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How Did I Always Get Stuck with This?

Over the past year, I somehow gotten stuck dealing with designing programs for an organization that I’m apart of. I made every single one, despite the efforts of giving the job to other people. However, it was a rewarding experience because I learned to better organize information and design it as attractively as possible.

Yesterday, GMU VSA (Vietnamese Student Association) had their annual Culture Show and I had the honor of designing the program. Despite the process being a long one, it was all worth it. We printed ~400 programs, and we gave out nearly every one of them (all hand stapled and folded). In the past, the programs never gotten much recognition as it was just booklets with barely any design. However, this year they had a designer (me) to make it. The positive feedback was nice to hear from the crowd when they received the programs.

My most rewarding moment was the end of November last year when I designed my first set of programs for VSA at our Semi Formal event. That year’s theme was Autumn Dusk, whatever that means, and I was assigned to create the programs. I struggled to design what the theme, but it was too open ended with no clear answer. Through trial and error, I finally settled on designing what I interpreted as Autumn Dusk. I was nervous while putting the programs with the centerpieces (which I also designed). After the event, I was told by the other officers that attendees kept asking who designed the programs and complimented it greatly, despite there were still mistakes. Maybe that’s why I kept getting assigned to design programs.

Despite me complaining constantly on making programs (so much so that it became a running joke in the organization), I genuinely do enjoy the process and I won’t mind making more.