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Italian Product Design: Moka

Founded in 1921, Alessi is Italian design mainstay. Alessi has taken the iconic stove-top espresso maker, often called a moka, and creatively designed and redesigned it to perfection. Alessi plays to a multitude of aesthetic tastes, currently producing fourteen different models of stove-top coffee makers. Many Alessi espresso maker designs are inspired by architecture, like La Conica and La Cupola, and some models are more efficiency-focused like the 9090. The functional little machines go beyond purpose, they are works of visual art in themselves. The 9090 was the first Alessi item exhibited at the MOMA in NYC. When in a creative slump, looking to renowned Italian design can help break out. Alessi coffee maker product pages are thorough, including specs, history, sketches and designer information for each model. If you want more than just espresso makers, check out this list of other Italian product design factories.