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For the hype

High-end designer companies have been known for come out with beautiful handbags, accessories, clothing, etc. Nowadays, it seems like people buy expensive products just for the hype instead of the product itself. They want to feel part of an exclusive group of people who can afford these products. I think these design companies know that their consumers will buy their products no matter what so they make ridiculous products just to see if it would sell. Designers like Gucci and Balenciaga have been notorious for this.

This picture if of a t-shirt attached to a button up that costs over $1000 from Balenciaga. I could easily make this outfit for $10 but it is being sold for a lot of money. Even though this outfit looks hideous, I have seen people buy this, crazy.

This is another example of a brand making ugly products is shoes that Gucci created. These Shoes are one of the ugliest shoes I have seen yet I have seen people guy them.

I believe we need to actually look at the products we are buying instead of just the brand. ­­

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