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Design Students’ Summer Break

With summer break fast approaching, graphic design students like me are trying to figure out productive ways to spend their time. Work for money? Work for experience? Summer classes?

I’ve spent the past few months doing everything I can to find an internship this summer. Finding a company that isn’t an MLM and will actually pay good money for your design work is tough. Luckily, graphic design is a field that’s in demand, so there are a lot of good options out there.

The other option for getting design experience during the summer break is freelance work, but that comes with its own slew of issues. There’s nothing worse than beginning to work with a client and getting excited for a project just for them to look at you with a face like the Surprised Pikachu Meme when you start to discuss cost.

With two weeks left in the semester, here’s hoping we figure something out soon!