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Drawing Tablets for Designers

Most digital artists have some kind of drawing tablet, like a Cintiq or an Intuos. Rather than using a normal mouse to create their work, the pen and tablet work together to replace it. The tablet’s drawing area is mapped to the computer monitor, so if the pen is in the center of the tablet, the cursor is in the center of the screen. As a result, it is much easier to create digital work since the drawing feels more natural to the artist. Tablets can range in both price and function. Cheaper ones are simply a glorified mouse, but the more expensive tablets have an entire screen.

Although these are marketed towards artists, designers can take advantage of them as well. For example, it is far easier to use Illustrator’s pen tool with an actual pen and creating clipping masks in Photoshop is far easier when you can select the exact pixel you want right away.

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