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Amazing Product Design

From an earlietempor Post, I found this website . One of the recent products was Tempo, a Feminine Hygiene  product. While very taboo to talk about such things, I love the packaging. The package is beautiful, with cool blues and calm tones that are a nice break from lime greens and pinks that assault our eyes every time we’re in that aisle. I love the use of the moons to signify the heaviness and evokes the feminine cycle associated with the moon. The box  almost empowers women a little more because it brings forth the naturalness that is the menstrual cycle. I also like that the packaging is very convenient. It appears that each set is pre-packaged in packs of three, which you can just chuck in your purse or handbag. If the cardboard were eco-friendly it’d be even more of a winner. I love the design on the inside of the box as well, which is feminine but not over-the-top. I think many Feminine Hygiene brands are much too over-zealous in their need to attract women. The simple packaging and rectangular format would also make it easier to stock and keep under the sink. Plus the simplicity of it keeps it much more discreet than the bulky plastic packages tampons and pads usually come in.

The logo itself is simple and unadorned. It does not scream “I AM FEMININE STARE AT ME PLEASEEE!!!!!!!” with curls and crazy italics. No, it is simple, sans-serifed, and very tracked out.

I think sometimes simple is the way to go.