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Find Out if You are a Lousy, No Good Graphic Designer!

So in trying to come up with something fabulous to write about for my final paper for this class, I will confess– I googled “hot topics in graphic design.” Yes, this is just slightly lame, I know, but I came across something very interesting that I wanted to share. On the website is a posting about the 13 tell-tale signs you’re a bad designer. They’re basically outlining how amateur work will show that you really do suck at life and should switch careers now. Some of these signs include the overuse of helvetica, 12 point type with auto leading (Eww! to auto leading definitely), borders, hyphens for bullets, half inch indents, etc. Look at the website (below) and go through the list. If you do more than three of these signs regularly, then the site says you’re god-awful. So I still don’t have a topic for my final paper, but I feel a little better and maybe I don’t suck so bad ?!?!?