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Stop Drop and Roll

Rolltop is a future designer laptop concept that would be great for designers who like to travel and do all their design work in their local Starbucks. Overall I think it is a great concept yet I’m not too sure how practical it would be if it went into production right now. I worry about issues with the weather and leaving the laptop exposed to the elements as you carry it around on your shoulder. I would like to see a carrying case for the laptop.

Also I love the collapsable power adapter with the extra usb’s on the side so you can charge your phone at the same time. However, the adapter cord looks too thin and may easily get ripped or frayed. Further more, the stand that lifts up the screen when viewing a movie looks too unstable and could easily be tipped over from the looks of it.

Although I love that the laptop turns into a tablet, I’d worry about smudges so I’d be constantly carrying around cleaning supplies or a specialized glove to draw with. Also it would be interesting to see multi-touch functionality. Also in order for this concept to work the display has to be seamless when folded down, any visible seams or bumps would ruin the tablet feature. Lastly this laptop would need a beast of a processor with excellent cooling in order to run large photoshop files on a laptop.
But hey, that’s why they call them concepts.


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