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Dollar Dollar Bill Y’all

When I travel I love collecting the currency of different countries, I enjoy the different colors, the varying sizes, and the practicality of most currency. One of the ones I admire the most is the Euro, and the one I dislike the most is the US Dollar. I find the US Dollar to be very unappealing, and the new designs are inconsistent with each other. That’s why I was very pleased when I came across a dollar design by designer Michael Tyznik.

Tyznik vision of the dollar is a practical one in which he keeps the same basic green color of the dollar, but also brings importance to the president, monument, or quote on the dollar. On each dollar he has a former President of the United states to the left, and to the right he has placed one of the amendments from the constitution. I think that this is a smart decision especially because most Americans can barely recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

On the reverse side he has a famous D.C. Monument and on the left side he has the Dollar amount incased in a vertical stripe of color. What I thought was also interesting about this design was that Tyznik added Ulysses S. Grant to the $200 bill. Lastly I could not agree with him more in his statement to get rid of the penny, and instead adding $1 and $2 coins, similar to the Euro.
On a side note I’d like to see different Presidents represented on the coins, but keep the same for the notes.

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