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Vancouver Olympic Games

The website for the Vancouver Winter Olympics is really beautiful and modern. The graphics to the right side that demonstrate each sport are clean and crisp, with each page done in blues and greens, which give the overall website a unified look. The top of the page, while beautiful, is a little too busy and could stand to be toned down a tad. The white box that has information in it is weird and the vertical lines cut off the flowing lines of the design behind it.

The green flash at the top left of the content pages helps to balance the curve on the upper right of the page. One of the problems I have with it is I feel like it’s too much of their color choices, it’s a bit of an overload. There are two colors only and they are everywhere on the page.

I’m not sure what their font in the upper left that says “With glowing hearts” is doing, either.  It’s weird to have the bold in the second part and not the first. Plus the strokes of each letter are very uneven.

Otherwise a very clean and elegant website.

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