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Thank God for Museums! Part 1

I went to the National Gallery of Art and saw some beautiful works of art varying from paintings, sketches and etchings to some beautiful sculptures. Of all the things I saw though, a couple of Rembrandt’s pieces grabbed me the most. One was titled Self Portrait with Beret and Turned-Up Collar, measuring at 84.4 x 66 cm. He did this piece in 1659 using oil painting.
It felt profound just standing in front of this piece. His face was full of meaning and poise with profound wrinkles, drooping jaw, dark, deep set eyes, is framed by the erected collar of his coat. Looking at the wrinkles of his face, the grey strands on all his facial hair and his head, one can assume he is in his late sixties. If I just looked at his eyes though, I could tell he is much younger than what seems. I almost felt sad imagining what he had gone through that aged him beyond his years. In actuality, he was 53 years old when he did this piece and Rembrandt died 10 years later.
His usage of light is magnificent in such; it leads my eyes to stare only at the parts he wants me to focus on. I guess that is where the awesome power of an artist lies; no matter how old, dead or alive, the artist is still in control.

Self portrait