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Am I the only one who feels like their work / design is not complete without someone looking at it. This has been my problem for a long time. It started with class critiques when we work on a design piece and everyone looks at it and writes out or verbalize their constructive criticism. That was great then and it still is today. But I think I have come to depend on it so much that I feel lost without it. Discontent is the first feeling I get every time I look at a design I had just finished. How I feel about it afterwards depends on what the critique says about the design. If they love it, then little by little I come to love it too but if they do not have much good things to say about it, then they have just confirmed what I was originally feeling about it. So I wonder, how does a designer learn or know to stand by his / her work. This often confuses me. Am I the only one?

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