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Cover Letter: A great advice from a design critic

Students and young professionals often struggle with writing cover letters when searching for design jobs. I certainly do. Unfortunately, it is hard to find somebody who can help us understand what we should write and what is the proper way to relate to a possible employer. Therefore, at times we might ask a friend to look at one of his/her cover letters and loosely base ours upon his/her model. Other times we might try to look at a SAMPLE letter online and use that as a template. However, as critic Steven Heller wrote in an article for AIGA Voice, one size does NOT fit all! In this interesting and useful article, Heller clearly explains what to do and what not to do when writing a cover letter. First and foremost, he introduces three main points: do not be informal; spell check; and do not use a form letter. Then he gives an example of a poorly written letter and analyzes it thoroughly. The article concludes with a well written letter and a few extra hints. Take a second to look at the article. I found it extremely useful.

Here is the link to the article: