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And All the World’s a twitter

I tweet on twitter. I don’t “tweet” or say anything valuable on twitter besides my own pithy statements. With 140 characters or less to each tweet, I like that it’s called “micro-blogging.” So why do I seemingly waste my time with twitter? I like to read. I am a follower (for once). I follow 51 people. I follow the design community.

The design community on twitter is active. Designers who blog professionally post links to their blogs, tutorials, websites, or other designers’ internet outlets. Each designer I follow posts different types of information, sometimes self-promotional but most times educational, so the reading’s always interesting.

From my understanding, I use twitter as a substitute for RSS. Instead of clogging up another inbox, I let twitter do the dirty work, and I save the articles I like through twitter’s “Favorites” feed.

Yes, I use twitter as a learning tool.

If you’re curious to see who’s out there, search for @DavidAirey, @TDCBrand, @chrisspooner, @printmag, or @AIGAdesign among many, many others.