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Coke’s New Bottle Design…..kind of

Some time on Friday my friend tricked me into driving her up to Giant. Long story short, she smiled and batted her eyes and the next thing I know I walking around the grocery store with her. So we were wondering around, jumping from aisle to aisle because she can’t figure out what she wants when I notice that the two liter bottles of Coke look different. It took me a bit but I finally figured it out, the bottle looked like a super bloated version of the bottle you get from a vending machine. I have to say, the design looked truly disgusting. It wasn’t as slender as the small version and it gave me the impression like, “If you drink this, you too can be over weight and bloated.” It also looked to me like there was less soda in the bottle because of the curve in the center. I know it’s the same amount but it just looked smaller; it was more of a put off. I guess any way you slice it, it doesn’t really matter. If the design falls they’ll switch back; and if it works they’ll keep it. Real fans of Coke won’t care what the bottle looks like as long as it tastes the same. Still, not a fan of the big bottle’s look.

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