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Design It Like This

Kris Celeste | AVT395

In-House Designers often work under the restrictions of the content. The colors have to stay a certain way and although they may be able to add a swatch or two it most likely would be a shade of one of the already existing colors. It’s hard to be able to work creatively in this type of environment, but it does require a lot more work to be excellent at what they do. As a Boutique Designer there’s so much more freedom for your creative soul to flow. There are still things you consider, like pleasing your client with quality work of course, but that comes easier with so much creative freedom.


Sample Brand Guide Manual

They most likely follow a brand guideline already set for them like the one above. A book of design rules for what types of colors, photos, and fonts they are allowed to use. There could also be concepts that they need to abide to. In-House Designers have to bring out their creativity while abiding to guidelines. This could be difficult. I have great respect for designers who can bring out fantastic work while working under these circumstances.

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