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“The Father of Grunge”

David Carson started out as a sociology teacher and a professional surfer in the 70s.  He was qualified as the 9th best surfer in the world.  In the 80s he started to experiment with graphic design.  He created a whole new graphic design style, now known as grunge.  The type on a page became a new art form.  He distorts the typefaces and gives them a dirty look and breaks up the images.  The typefaces become so distorted that they are almost illegible in a lot of his layouts.  He twists the type and photography together making the message very confusing but viewers are still drawn to his designs.  His work does not follow traditional graphic design standards.  He has influenced many designers to completely change their work and base it on the new standards that Carson has created.   He now owns two studios; one in Del Mar, California and another in Zurich.essayCarson