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Who’s Hiring Whom? Web Designers in Demand


From The Creative Group Website

From The Creative Group Website

Man, I can’t tell you how bummed I am to see “print design” in the bottom 25%. Print design is the area of the graphic design field that I am most interested in, and it is also the field I feel most qualified to work in. Currently, our graphic design concentration course requirements seem to me to be print-heavy. 

In the undergraduate design requirements, we have one course devoted to web design. When you look at the internship opportunities that the department emails to us, you see web design in almost every list of necessary skills. Even more, our one web design course is an upper-level course, restricted to students by various prerequisites. Is this enough for us students? As the up and coming generation of designers, where is our education expected to draw the line between graphic design and web design?

While volunteering at the AIGA Portfolio Review Day, I became even more aware of the integration of print and web design in the creative professionals’ careers. I was looking at The Creative Group’s 2009 Salary Guide, which contained an extensive list of the types of creative professionals and their respective salary averages. When I checked their website, I stumbled across the 2010 salary info, as well as the infographic above. No surprise, the salaries of 2010 are expected to decrease.

In tough economic times, we could benefit from having (at least) basic skill sets in all areas of design. Hopefully, the education we pay for will help pay our way through the hiring requirements of the expansive field of design.

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