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Design Is Power

Does THIS bother YOU? I’ve come across this image many times in my book What’s language got to do with it? It speaks to me for reasons I don’t fully understand but intend to discover. Is it as effective to you as it is to me?. The bottom of the poster reads:

“Does this bother you? It should. We’ve spent over 400 years fighting for the right to have a voice. Is this how we’ll use it? More importantly, is this how we’ll teach our children to use it? If we expect more of them, we must throw our hands in the air and agree with those who say our children cannot be taught. By now, you’ve probably heard about Ebonics (aka, black English). And if you think its become a controversy because white America doesn’t want us messing with their precious language, don’t. White America couldn’t care less what we do to segregate ourselves.

The fact is language is power. And we can’t take that power away from our children with Ebonics. Would Dr. Martin Luther Kind, Malcom X and all the others who paid the price of obtaining our voice with the currency of their lives embrace this? If you haven’t  used your voice lately, consider this an invitation. SPEAK OUT AGAINS EBONICS ”

This information can be taken literally or not. In my case, its not Ebonics I am worried about but Spanglish. I also see this as an invitation to designers. It promotes success. What kind of dreams have driven us since the invention of the printing press, and even before that? We want to create effective design.ihasadream As designers, when have we felt that we couldn’t speak our voice? I mean, we do what our client wants, but what kind of satisfaction does that leave us with?

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  1. EmFlores wrote:

    Point well made. Designers need to make ethical choices when it comes to choosing client-work.

    Sunday, March 7, 2010 at 3:54 pm | Permalink