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Blue Ribbon

i am pro-competition. And i will make it known that im a sore loser. i wont enter every competition, i think you know a shady deal when it’s presented to you. i can tell you the most motivational, ego-boosting, blissful moment is winning. Even if its not really a contest, ie, if you were selected to be in a gallery, you get motivated to keep doing what you do. Whats better is when someone actually purchases something you made! When competing in a design sense, if you win, its almost a promotion. There’s another ribbon you can pin onto your resume. With some competitions, you might even be slapped in some media.

i tried Googling an answer, and a lot of people tend to disagree. Apparently, most designers find competitions a waste of time. i think they’re being childish because their work didn’t win. Kidding aside, i dont see the harm in competing. i know we had brought up the possibility of puppeted, planned, faux competitions, but surely they’re not ALL a hoax to get your ideas for free.

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  1. Ayn Roberts wrote:

    Also contests give you a chance to be creative without having to compromise with clients. Maybe if designers saw it has a chance to take a chance with something a client didn’t give them the opportunity to do, some would be less inclined to dub all contest as a waste of time!

    Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 7:15 pm | Permalink