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SEX. The Designer’s Cheap Trick?


Yes we all know that sex sells, but how well does it sell the designer? Now I’m not bashing all advertising that uses sex or beauty to sell an image, when done correctly (and by correctly, I mean creatively) it can garter both the attention of the audience and some savvy designer peers. When I talk about sex as the cheap trick, I’m thinking of those hottie-patottis that are photographed splashing around at the poolside for the new resort your advertising. Those advertisements where the own product is overshadowed by a hot guy or girl. I see so many of them out there, and many times these cheap tricks are used to sell unrelated products, like Paris Hilton washing a car and selling a sandwich. What do these ads say about yourself as a designer and creative thinker? Is sex really the best way to see a flipphone these days? I don’t know, but I personally feel I can demand more of myself as a designer and creative communication consultant. In my opinion, designs like this not only do nothing for your portfolio, it also sends the wrong message about what is appropriate advertising (or even successful advertising).

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  1. LindseyMarie wrote:

    How I wish our GMU Graphic Design program would offer a class on the importance of interest groups. Although this is in the realm of advertising and marketing, it is very important for graphic designers to have a sense of this step in the process when designing advertisements. This particular advertisement, for the Samsung’s flip phone, for instance… I’m sure they didn’t fork over millions of dollars for this advertisement placement without first doing their research.

    Thursday, April 8, 2010 at 11:35 am | Permalink