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Is CS5 already blowing my mind??

I saw a youtube video on cs5 explaining their new patchmatch system: a randomized correspondence algorithm for structural image editing, quickly finding approximate nearest neighbor matches between image patches. Whoa that was a mouthful. But what it basically does is allows for an easy interactive experience of editing elements within the picture and changing the size of the image while still maintaining the correct spacial dimensions.

CS5 Tutorial

I dare you to click on it.

Did you click on it?

OK, OMG, WAS THAT AMAZING OR WHAT??? I’m sure if you’re like me, you really hate when you have to edit pictures mostly because it’s tedious and still comes out looking wonky. But this tutorial makes it look so easy and cool! I’m a big fan of technology, and programs like this makes the designer’s job not just more fun, but more expansive! By decreasing the time it takes to drastically edit pictures, it gives us more time to take on more projects! The only downside I see to this, is that the program may become so easy that designers won’t be needed to perform these edits….or at least stingy uppermangment may think so. But for now, I’m going to be psyched to see what technology can do for me.