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Psychonauts poster

So I’m still trying to crank out some posts and keep up with the class, so I decided to look at some game poster design, and found I really liked: Psychonauts.

Now my experience with the game can be summed up in about 30 min, though I think the game is really cool and in looking at the poster, the design reflects that. Something I find interesting immediately is the design of name itself, Psychonauts. You know when you look at the logo design of a name and you can tell what industry it’s apart of? When I think about how I define the game industry and what makes a logo look like a game title, I really can’t think of any guidelines or adjectives. Maybe it incorporates too much of that ethereal nomadic “feeling” that seems to makes things just “work”. The Psychonauts is one of those logos. It’s kinda kooky and draws a line between having an edgy weirdness or looking like a bad kid’s care center. Also, the poster is successful because it’s just so illustrative! The swirl not only connects to the storyline of the game and the main character gets drawn into different minds, but it blatantly draws your eye all over the place only to rest on the main image and game title. Now this title is able to get away with the graphic feel mostly because the game art is in itself very graphic and illustrative, but a successful design is a successful design! Finally what makes me what to frame it and place it in my room are the wild tonic color scheme; you can’t go wrong with toxic waste green and radioactive yellow!

Anyway, to anyone who’s interested, here’s what I’ve been yammering on about this whole time:

box_posterDon’t ou just wanna pinch that kid’s cheeks??