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Generation Speed

Maybe I see this from a graphic designer’s standpoint, but the technological advancements in the art world have made enormous impacts on what artists are able to do today. The Internet, photography, even software programs such as Adobe Photoshop that allow the manipulation of photography and the creation of digitally enhanced, fantastic realms, have all made huge contributions. The trends in art that we are seeing today have become popular culture and because we live in a world where we are perpetually in sensory overload, we consequently rely so heavily on visual stimulation. We, as in the next generation, this “Generation Speed” as some might say, access tons of images, sounds, and words in one day. This Western society and this “Generation Speed” will never steer away from this state of frenzy and distraction, therefore a lot of art created today, especially in the digital and “graphic design” realm, will continue to be created for the purpose of reproducibility.

To some people, this notion may seem pathetic, perhaps sickening. What are your thoughts?