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Nintendo has been making me unhappy with their decisions for awhile now.  They have been pushing their front man Mario of years now in games with repetitive game play.  There has been similarities to other games of theirs: The Legend of Zelda and Metroid.  In all three games, the player must track down a dragon like thing and save something from it; usually a princess.  Later with the release of the Wii, Nintendo re-released games on for it that where from their previous system the GameCube.  After the release of their latest hand held system, DSi XL, I noticed something.  Their original DS was quite large and was shrunk down when Nintendo released the DS Light.  The size stayed the same when they gave the DS Light a camera and internet capability.  Now that they have returned to a large model I have been wondering if this is good business by making different products for different people or if pushing out the same crap over and over again with insignificant upgrades is ruining gaming.  Nintendo fanboys/girls will hate me and say I’m wrong regardless of any facts I may have on the issue.  So with that in mind I stick to my idea that they are ruining gaming sheerly based on my hatred of fanboys/girls (of any kind).  It may be petty but…..yeah, I don’t really care.