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Taste the Rainbow

I don’t know if ya’ll have eaten skittles lately, but I noticed that they changed their logo this year. Miles Newlyn worked with Dragon Rouge to change the logo to a multi-colored tongue which is literally translating the skittles slogan, “Taste the rainbow.”  I think it is pretty clever and I am surprised that it took them this long to think of a colorful tongue to go with their slogan.  People always say, the simpler the better when it comes to designing logos.  The logo doesn’t look completely like a tongue, more like a wave, but I really like the concept.  I guess if someone was looking at this logo before knowing it was skittles, they might not get that this is a tongue right away.  I think if they add a mouth with the tongue it would look too much like the rolling stones logo.  I think the logo works because it is not suppose to be just a tongue, it is also a rainbow, so it can’t look too much like a tongue. skittles new logo