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Call Numbers are Calling My Name!


One source I can always trust for inspiration is the library. It’s free, easy to access on campus, and filled with amazing material. Whether at Fenwick, the JC stacks, or your public library, you can always count on the call numbers to lead you in the right direction for that creative boost.

The fourth floor at Fenwick (more specifically the call numbers starting with “NC”) is loaded with great art books and images from old and new masters alike. Plus, it’s always quiet and most likely you’ll be the only one around, so you will enjoy the peace and quiet while perusing through pages of inspiration.

If you just can’t handle the library, go to your nearest bookstore. Granted it’s not free, but they don’t charge for looking! Plus, if you find a book you just can’t live without, you can always purchase it, or better yet, jot down the author and title and it check out from the library. We might as well use our libraries – it’s part of our tuition and that’s what they are there for!

So go ahead…grab a book and I guarantee you those creative juices will start to flow!